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We offer commercial roof rat removal services in Lincoln Park, FL for large and small buildings. There is literally no pest or rodent problem that we can not solve. We truly care about finding every entry point so if we find an opening we document it well. You have find more information on our blog concerning pests and pest control procedures, which covers residential rat trapping as well. The work we provide today will last years years, we don’t simply put down a rodent treatment and hope you call us back.

Wild rodents can cause home damage, contaminate food, and cause illness in people and pets.  Rodent infestations are more likely to occur when events, such as flooding, displace them. To avoid rodent infestation, remove potential rodent food and water sources and store food for people and pets in sealed containers. Clear away debris and other material that rodents can hide in.  Safely clean up rodent droppings, urine and nesting areas, always wearing gloves and spraying material with disinfectant until thoroughly soaked before attempting to remove or clean.

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Roof rats are susceptible to all of the various anticoagulant rodenticides, but less so than Norway rats. Please also read the section on Sanitation, as it is an important consideration in rodent control. Only construction grade materials are used. In the third week they begin to take solid food. Make sure that all doors, windows and screens fit tightly in their frames and repair those that do not. Shooting is rarely effective by itself and should be done in conjunction with trapping or baiting programs. If you do it wrong the first time, you'll just end up paying more later. Rodent-infested pallets of goods can be tarped and fumigated on an individual or collective basis.

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The key is to control rat populations, not individual rats. Read my comprehensive guide to rats in the attic. Killing the rats may not be the best answer (it is not as simple as just exterminating them all) . Interior and exterior sanitation to minimize available food and water that supports a rat population. Rodent-proofing against roof rats usually requires more time to find entry points than for Norway rats because of their greater climbing ability. Roof rats are polygamous and group themselves into colonies of multiple males and females. Breeding seasons vary in different areas. The number of litters depends on the area and varies with nearness to the limit of their climatic range, availability of nutritious food, density of the local rat population, and the age of the rat. Other rat signs may also assist, but be aware that both species may be present. If you've sealed the house correctly, then you shouldn't trap any new rats after just the first three days. Where anticoagulant resistance is known or suspected, the use of first-generation anticoagulants should be avoided in favor of the second-generation anticoagulants or one of the non anticoagulant rodenticides like bromethalin or cholecalciferol.

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  • What if a rat got inside my house?

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  • Does car insurance cover rat damage?

There are two basic methods of rat population reduction: Adult females are able to reproduce at 3-5 months old, can produce up to five litters each year with about 5-8 young in each litter. In food-processing and food-storage facilities, roof rats do about the same type of damage as Norway rats, and damage is visually hard to differentiate. In situations where rats are not controlled with conventional products, fumigation of transport vehicles or rat ground burrows may sometimes be needed. If living under a refrigerator or freezer, they may disable the unit by gnawing the electrical wires. Rats contaminating food or food preparation surfaces can transmit food poisoning. These diseases often share similar symptoms, and medical professionals must perform the proper diagnoses. They can transmit these diseases through physical contact, bites, by contamination or by fleas that are feeding on the rodent. Bubonic Plague - the famous disease that nearly wiped out humanity during the Middle Ages was eventually traced back to parasites like fleas carried by rats. Roof Rats are predominate in coastal areas. For more info on general rat control, go to my main rat removal page, or my extensive instructional how to get rid of rats page.

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