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We offer commercial roof rat removal services in Hamtramick, FL for large and small buildings. There is literally no pest or rodent problem that we can not solve. We truly care about finding every entry point so if we find an opening we document it well. You have find more information on our blog concerning pests and pest control procedures, which covers residential rat trapping as well. The work we provide today will last years years, we don’t simply put down a rodent treatment and hope you call us back.

Wild rodents can cause home damage, contaminate food, and cause illness in people and pets.  Rodent infestations are more likely to occur when events, such as flooding, displace them. To avoid rodent infestation, remove potential rodent food and water sources and store food for people and pets in sealed containers. Clear away debris and other material that rodents can hide in.  Safely clean up rodent droppings, urine and nesting areas, always wearing gloves and spraying material with disinfectant until thoroughly soaked before attempting to remove or clean.

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Both roof rats and Norway rats have a well-developed sense of smell and are wary of new things that are introduced into their home range. They also feed on a variety of vegetative parts of ornamental and native plant materials. ALWAYS USE RESPIRATORY PROTECTION WHEN REMOVING RODENT DROPPINGS. Lives up to one year. Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome is transferred via inhalation of rodent urine, droppings or saliva. And most of all, you want someone who will do this complex work correctly. You don't want to over-pay of course. Norway rats are also polygamous and form colonies of many males and females.

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The underside of the roof rat’s body is grayish to white. Within a population, some rats will be easy to control, some difficult. Roof rats will often move into sugarcane and citrus groves. Touch is an important sense in rats. Trap at left is modified by fastening a piece of cardboard to expand its trigger size (traps with expanded treadles can also be purchased from several manufacturers). Breeding seasons vary in different areas. There are two basic methods of rat population reduction: Norway rats are a common mammalian pest of rice, but sometimes roof rats also feed on newly planted seed or the seedling as it emerges. Read my comprehensive guide to rats in the attic. There is often a correlation between rat problems and the keeping of dogs, especially where dogs are fed outdoors. There are holes all over - missing roof vent screens, plumbing stacks, gaps between the roof and fascia board, gaps in the siding, areas where pipes go into the house, etc.

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Rats, like mice, are omnivorous rodents. They use their tails for balance while traveling along overhead utility lines. In urban settings, cats and owls prey on roof rats but have little if any effect on well-established populations. Sometimes rats get into the kitchen area and feed on stored foods. Rickettsial Diseases - various forms of Typhus fall into this category and can also be carried by rat-borne parasites. When everyone is asleep and the house is quiet, the rats can be heard scurrying about. Their tails are longer than the rest of their body and are uniformly dark colored. Grease marks (from the oil and dirt of rats) often appear along walls next to runways. The only way to solve a rat or mouse problem is to find every last point of entry into the house, and seal it shut. In food-storage facilities, the most prominent sign may be smudge marks, the result of oil and dirt rubbing off of their fur as they travel along their aerial routes. Place traps where they will intercept rats on their way to food, such as on overhead beams, pipes, ledges, or sills frequently used as travel routes (Fig.

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