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We offer commercial roof rat removal services in Atlas, FL for large and small buildings. There is literally no pest or rodent problem that we can not solve. We truly care about finding every entry point so if we find an opening we document it well. You have find more information on our blog concerning pests and pest control procedures, which covers residential rat trapping as well. The work we provide today will last years years, we don’t simply put down a rodent treatment and hope you call us back.

Wild rodents can cause home damage, contaminate food, and cause illness in people and pets.  Rodent infestations are more likely to occur when events, such as flooding, displace them. To avoid rodent infestation, remove potential rodent food and water sources and store food for people and pets in sealed containers. Clear away debris and other material that rodents can hide in.  Safely clean up rodent droppings, urine and nesting areas, always wearing gloves and spraying material with disinfectant until thoroughly soaked before attempting to remove or clean.

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Lights (flashing or continuously on) may repel rats at first, but rats will quickly acclimate to them. Rats usually begin searching for food shortly after sunset. The first step in controlling a roof rat infestation is to properly identify the rodents. It is unlikely, however, they will be any more effective for roof rats than for Norway rats. Since none of these are anticoagulants, all can be used to control anticoagulant resistant populations of roof rats. Mice can enter an opening as small as 3/8" wide. Their design makes them more rat-specific when used out-of-doors than ordinary snap traps that sometimes take birds. Please also read the section on Sanitation, as it is an important consideration in rodent control.

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The damage control methods used for roof rats are essentially the same as for Norway rats. They use their keen sense of smell to locate and select food items, identify territories and travel routes, and recognize other rats, especially those of the opposite sex. They also consume seeds, nuts, berries, and insects. The young may continue to nurse until 4 or 5 weeks old. Killing the rats may not be the best answer (it is not as simple as just exterminating them all) . Their keen sense of hearing also aids in their ability to detect and escape danger. These rats are primarily active at night. Anticoagulants (slow-acting, chronic toxicants). They lead you to believe there is no other rat control solution. For the characteristics of the various anticoagulant rodenticides see Norway Rats. The older rodenticides, formerly referred to as acute toxicants, such as arsenic, phosphorus, red squill, and ANTU, are either no longer registered or of little importance in rat control.

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Our professional wildlife professionals may not show you how to kill the rats but instead use rat repellents, rat fumigants and rat trapping systems to ensure the effectiveness of the rat control method, without physically harming the rats. When everyone is asleep and the house is quiet, the rats can be heard scurrying about. Where legal and not hazardous, shooting of roof rats is effective at dusk as they travel along utility lines. It is also capable of transmitting a number of diseases to domestic animals and is suspected in the transference of ectoparasites from one place to another. There is less tendency to see droppings, urine, or tracks on the floor in buildings because rats may live overhead between floors, above false ceilings, or in utility spaces, and venture down to feed or obtain food. Roof rats can be carriers of diseases. They can often be seen at night running along overhead utility lines or fences. ALWAYS USE RESPIRATORY PROTECTION WHEN REMOVING RODENT DROPPINGS. If rats are seen during the day that usually means a very large rodent population is nearby. Roof rats can also nest on the ground if necessary. Their burrowing habitats include soil along building foundations, under woodpiles and other piles of debris.

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