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We offer commercial roof rat removal services in Leslie, FL for large and small buildings. There is literally no pest or rodent problem that we can not solve. We truly care about finding every entry point so if we find an opening we document it well. You have find more information on our blog concerning pests and pest control procedures, which covers residential rat trapping as well. The work we provide today will last years years, we don’t simply put down a rodent treatment and hope you call us back.

Wild rodents can cause home damage, contaminate food, and cause illness in people and pets.  Rodent infestations are more likely to occur when events, such as flooding, displace them. To avoid rodent infestation, remove potential rodent food and water sources and store food for people and pets in sealed containers. Clear away debris and other material that rodents can hide in.  Safely clean up rodent droppings, urine and nesting areas, always wearing gloves and spraying material with disinfectant until thoroughly soaked before attempting to remove or clean.

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Emphasis should be placed on the removal of as much harborage as is practical. In urban settings, cats and owls prey on roof rats but have little if any effect on well-established populations. The product label is the law and dictates the product’s location of use and use patterns. Because roof rats are fast and agile, they are not easy prey for mammalian or avian predators. They also consume seeds, nuts, berries, and insects. Tracking powders play an important role in structural rodent control. When droppings are seen, it is a good practice to remove those droppings and later inspect to see whether new droppings were deposited. Once established, they readily breed and thrive within buildings, just as Norway rats do.

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However, they may sometimes also build nests in burrows. They approach new food or object with caution. Scientists have noted that the roof rat’s long tail is adapted to enhance their ability to climb and functions to assists them in balancing. Adults range in weight from about 5-10 ounces. Their burrowing habitats include soil along building foundations, under woodpiles and other piles of debris. Emphasis should be placed on the removal of as much harborage as is practical. The underside of the roof rat’s body is grayish to white. Check the traps periodically, remove any dead trapped rats, and reset the traps. You don't want to over-pay of course. They are often found living on the second floor of a warehouse in which Norway rats occupy the first or basement floor. The damage control methods used for roof rats are essentially the same as for Norway rats.

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Roof rats are prodigious breeders. They have coarse, brown fur, with lighter fur on the undersides. Rodent-proofing against roof rats usually requires more time to find entry points than for Norway rats because of their greater climbing ability. Bubonic Plague - the famous disease that nearly wiped out humanity during the Middle Ages was eventually traced back to parasites like fleas carried by rats. Mating may occur year round in locations where the environmental conditions are sufficient. Okay, the first and most important thing you have to do is find out how rats are getting into the building. In general, glue boards are more effective for house mice than for either of the rat species. There are holes all over - missing roof vent screens, plumbing stacks, gaps between the roof and fascia board, gaps in the siding, areas where pipes go into the house, etc. They usually don't leave the attic for very long. Body is smaller and sleeker than the Norway rat’s. Control of roof rat damage in agriculture represents yet another scenario.

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