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We offer commercial roof rat removal services in Chesterfield Twp, FL for large and small buildings. There is literally no pest or rodent problem that we can not solve. We truly care about finding every entry point so if we find an opening we document it well. You have find more information on our blog concerning pests and pest control procedures, which covers residential rat trapping as well. The work we provide today will last years years, we don’t simply put down a rodent treatment and hope you call us back.

Wild rodents can cause home damage, contaminate food, and cause illness in people and pets.  Rodent infestations are more likely to occur when events, such as flooding, displace them. To avoid rodent infestation, remove potential rodent food and water sources and store food for people and pets in sealed containers. Clear away debris and other material that rodents can hide in.  Safely clean up rodent droppings, urine and nesting areas, always wearing gloves and spraying material with disinfectant until thoroughly soaked before attempting to remove or clean.

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No, they sleep in the attic all day. They may not be effective on roof rats, however, because of their usual placement. Roof rats are likely to found in coastal, near-coastal areas and port cities. Rats leave the attic during the night, to go out and forage for water and food. Once you know the location of the rats, you can set traps or place bait. In most instances, rats are very wary. They are usually a shiny black, but may vary according to diet. There are holes all over - missing roof vent screens, plumbing stacks, gaps between the roof and fascia board, gaps in the siding, areas where pipes go into the house, etc.

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They are very strong, and can injure your fingers. Usually the peaks in breeding occur in the spring and fall. Check the traps periodically, remove any dead trapped rats, and reset the traps. The first step in controlling a roof rat infestation is to properly identify the rodents. Use enough traps to eliminate the rodents quickly. One of the more common techniques for bait use is to place the bait formulation in a tamper proof rodent bait station that protects the bait from accidental exposure to non-target animals or people. For more info on general rat control, go to my main rat removal page, or my extensive instructional how to get rid of rats page. Gnaw Marks Rat need to chew and gnaw on wood, plastic and other hard surfaces in order to keep their teeth chiseled down. Read this article about how are rats getting in for more info. Sounds Noises produced by scurrying rats, scratching in the walls or other noises from nest building may tip off the property owner to a rat problem. The adequate inspection of a large facility for the presence and location of roof rats often requires a nighttime search when the facility is normally shut down.

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How To Get Rid Of Rats In The Attic - Rats are one of the most problematic pest animals to deal with for those who have attic spaces, as they can squeeze through holes that are around the size of a quarter, while they are also prodigious breeders. Statisticians estimate that rats destroy 20 percent of the world's food supply every year by feeding, and indirectly through contamination. The adequate inspection of a large facility for the presence and location of roof rats often requires a nighttime search when the facility is normally shut down. Disturbances such as habitat modifications should be avoided until the population is under control. They also often chew on inedible materials such as books, soap, and cans. Also, Norway rats may prey upon fish, poultry, mice, birds, small reptiles and amphibians. Droppings Rats produce a lot of feces and the presence of their fecal droppings is a surefire way to spot an infestation. In most instances, rats are very wary. This type of rat control service does not ever solve the problem. Most information on this subject comes from populations confined in cages or outdoor pens. At least in some parts of the United States and elsewhere in the world, the methods used to control rats have reduced Norway rat populations but have permitted roof rats to become more prominent, apparently because they are more difficult to control.

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